The first SOS Children’s Village to be built in Ghana

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Stablished in 1971, SOS Children’s Village Tema was officially opened and at that time, it consisted of 5 family houses for only 20 children.

Between 6-10 children of boys and girls live together with their SOS mother in each family house. When the children are of age, they are moved into rented accommodation setups called SOS Youth facilities. Currently there are ….children being catered for at SOS CV Tema and …….youth being groomed for adulthood. In the course of time, it was continuously enlarged to increase its capacity and today, it comprises of 15 family houses, a Village Director’s house, accommodation for SOS aunts SOS aunts support the SOS mothers and also take care of the children when the SOS mothers are on leave or absent for health reasons), a nurse and social worker’s house, 3 guest houses, an administration block, a community hall, a sports field and a playground.

The SOS Vocational Training Centre consists of nine classrooms for commercial training, office and IT skills, dressmaking and home economics. About 200 trainees have benefited from the courses offered in the SOS Training Centre.